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Latest update: August 19, 2022



arriving to Peru



your stay in Peru

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your stay

(when leaving Peru)

42 direct routes to Lima

are now available

North America flights

  • Toronto - Canada

  • Atlanta - USA

  • Fort Lauderdale - USA

  • Houston - USA

  • Los Angeles - USA

  • Miami - USA

  • New York - USA

  • Orlando - USA

  • Cancun - Mexico

  • Mexico City - Mexico

South America flights


  • Buenos Aires - Argentina

  • Cordoba - Argentina

  • Mendoza - Argentina

  • Rosario - Argentina

  • Tucuman - Argentina

  • La Paz - Bolivia

  • Santa Cruz - Bolivia

  • Brasilia - Brasil

  • Foz de Iguazu - Brasil

  • Porto Alegre - Brasil

  • Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  • Sao Paulo - Brasil

  • Santiago - Chile

  • Bogota - Colombia

  • Cali - Colombia

  • Cartagena - Colombia

  • Medellin - Colombia

  • Guayaquil - Ecuador

  • Quito - Ecuador

  • Panama City - Panama

  • Asuncion - Paraguay

  • Montevideo - Uruguay

Central America & caribbean


  • San Salvador - El Salvador

  • Habana - Cuba

  • Montego Bay - Jamaica

  • Punta Cana - Dominican

  • San Jose - Costa Rica

Europe flights

  • Paris - France

  • London - England

  • Amsterdam - Netherlands

  • Madrid - Spain

  • Barcelona - Spain

Fully vaxed or tested
To enter Peru, you must either be fully vaccinated (2 doses + a booster) or show a negative PCR test issued less than 48h before your flight.

Mask up
Your airline will also require the use of a double mask or one KN95 mask. Keep in mind that the use of masks are also mandatory by Peruvian law. Face shields are optional.

Health declaration
Travelers visiting Peru are required to fill up an electronic self-declaration form within 72 hours of your arrival to Peru. To see/fill up the form please
click here.

Customs QR code
Expedite your customs experience by getting a contactless QR code ahead of time in your phone (within 48 hours of your arrival). Watch the instructions in
 this video.



your arrival


Proof of vaccination
Proof of full vaccination is required by Peruvian law to enter any business operating indoors (you may also present a photo of your vaccination card and a photo of your passport for validation). Additionally, proof of a Covid-19 booster shot is currently required for people aged 18 and older.

Safety protocols
Wearing a mask is mandatory by Peruvian law, and you must wear a double mask or one KN95 mask at any indoors or outdoors space regardless of your vaccination status.

Domestic flights
 Proof of full vaccination is required to fly domestically (people aged 18 and older also need to show proof of a Covid-19 booster). Otherwise, you must show a negative PCR test issued less than 48h before your flight.



your stay

(and at your arrival)


Covid test, again?
You won't need a negative Covid-19 test result when leaving the country, however, check if your destination and/or stopover requires you to do it so.


Customs QR code
When leaving Peru, expedite your customs experience by getting a contactless QR code ahead of time (within 48 hours of your departure). Watch the instructions in
this video.

Ahead of time
Because of enhanced safety protocols and screenings, get to the airport at least 3 hours ahead of time for international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights

Flight flexibility?
Most airlines are currently waiving their change and cancelation fees. Check with your airline if you need to change or postpone your flight dates for any reason, 



your stay

(when leaving)


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