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during the COVID-19 lockdown

While our in-person Spanish classes in Lima have been paused at this time because of the COVID-19 lockdown, we have become closer than ever as a community to face the new challenges that this time poses. Please find below useful information we have planned for our students.

Get notified

Once we are able to welcome students to our Spanish School in Lima once again

At this time, all international airports in Peru are closed until further notice.

Provide us with your info and we will keep you updated regarding reopening dates and any other useful info to help you plan your trip ahead of time

Take live Spanish classes

Discover our new innovative and cutting edge online program. Carefully developed by and for Peruwayna

Specialized Spanish teachers: They all come from top universities and have 1 to 3 graduate degrees in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Cutting edge technology: Our new online campus and our new Integrated Learning Platform are the perfect compliment to your live lessons

Affordable prices and flexible schedules. 

Get SIELE certified

Reserve a spot to take your SIELE test in our Official SIELE Examination Center

Contactless and safe process

You will be taking your test in a private room that has been previously disinfected and sanitized, so you may take off your mask and comfortably take your test.

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