Andra, United States

Studying Spanish at Peruwayna was the best decision I made during my time in Peru. The whole staff was extremely friendly and professional, and were happy to accommodate my schedule. The spanish classes were fun and very effective. I can't believe how much I learned in just a few weeks! The best part of Peruwayna, however, was the family feel of the school. I always felt that the whole staff was looking out for me during my time in Lima, and were always eager to help with whatever I needed, from figuring out which bus to take to restaurant recommendations. Peruwayna was definitely my home away from home!

Peter, New Zealand

I studied Spanish at Peruwayna for over a month in 2011. Teachers were great and had a keen sense of humor, making class really enjoyable. They used a range of different techniques, many their own, which really helped me learn. The school also helped me organize some volunteer work which was a rewarding experience and completely free. The school, located on Avenida Larco and well-priced, makes for a great package!

Andreas, Germany

I spent one intensive week learning Spanish at Peruwayna School in Lima. I had before made some attempts to to learn Spanish in Germany so I had some background, but this ironically presented a challenge to the teachers because they had to identify my weaknesses and clean up the mistakes I had already learned. They managed it and brought me much forward. I am very glad that I had chosen them and am looking forward to making further improvements together with them on the future. Thanks to the team there, looking forward joining you again.

Judy, United States

We spent a few weeks studying Spanish at Peruwayna School of Spanish in Lima before we went touring. That was the best decision ever.
The school is unique in that the teachers provide courses adapted to the needs of the student. So it is not a rigid, "one-size-fits-all" traditional course. The schedule is flexible. One can study for a week or a month or more, then come back for additional lessons after touring Peru. 
Needless to say, the teaching is excellent and fun. We learned enough Spanish to make our travels much more enjoyable.
The teachers and staff are all very friendly and helpful. They became our friends from the first day. We not only learned Spanish, but also learned about Peruvian food and culture. We received great information about the country.

Joseph, United States

I spent about 3 months taking classes here. They are very flexible, and it was no problem taking nonconsecutive weeks off to travel. They had lots of classes at different levels, which made it simple to move to more advanced classes as my Spanish improved. Really great community; I had a blast while dramatically improving my Spanish. Highly recommended!

David, Australia

Peruwayna was an amazing school! Right from the moment I walked through the door, they were very friendly, helpful, and professional about helping me. They made sure to place me in the correct class instead of just throwing me in with people at different levels of experience. They provide materials and great teachers who are patient and have great personalities. I learnt a lot and definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Spanish in Lima.

Catherine, United Kingdom

Peruwayna-wow where do I even start. Was simply fantastic from day one!! I spent 4 weeks at the school and from the first time I walked into the school it felt like home. All the staff were extremely helpful and happy. Everyone was so passionate and enthusiastic about you learning Spanish. It really did make learning the language a lot easier. Every lesson was fun and full of laughter. These used a variety of teaching methods and games that really did cater to everyne's needs. The school also organized a lot of social events outside of the lessons. These were fab!! It really was a great way to see the great sights of Lima and of course make new friends. We learnt where all the best restaurants, parks, museums and bars were, but they also taught us a lot of traveller essentials like how and where to get to places. However, the best part of the school for me really was all the people. By the end of my course I felt like I became part of the Peruwayna school family. I made some great friends who I went on to travel with and now feel I have a second home where I am always welcome. Also, I can now speak Spanish wahoooo : )

Melanie, United States

I studied at Peruwayna for four weeks at the beginning of a long trip in South America.  Choosing Peruwayna was one of the best decisions I've made while traveling. The teachers and staff are effective while being welcoming and creating a friendly atmosphere.  Not only did I greatly improve my Spanish, but I also made friends and saw Lima through the social activities they set up.

Miriam, Germany

Estudié español en Peruwayna por casi tres meses. Mis clases consistían de como máximo cinco estudiantes y una profesora, y contenían discusiones muy interesantes, explicaciones útiles de la gramática, ejercicios y tareas para la casa, y, lo que me parece lo más importante, mucha diversión. Además, disfruté mucho las actividades como las excursiones a lugares interesantes o clases de cocina y baile. ¡Muchas gracias por ese tiempo tan bonito! 

Phi, United States

My two weeks spent at the school were extremely rewarding. They were able to place me in a course that was perfect for my skill level, and within days I could see quick improvement to my Spanish fluency. The course is taught in a structured manner, but if the group has trouble with a specific topic, more time will be spent on that topic. I think that was a positive aspect of the course. 

Aside from classes, I was surprised to see how social and outgoing the rest of my classmates were. Since I was a solo traveler, I was very thankful to have made friends through the school and to travel together after my time there!

Katharina & Emanuel, Germany

We arrived in Lima not knowing a word in Spanish! Firstly the communication before was so easy and reliable: we got picked up from the airport by a really nice lady and driven to our lovely "host dad", who had a nice room prepared for us. The next day we started our 2 weeks course. The teachers are really nice and the groups don't get bigger than 5. After a week we decided to only take private classes and making that change wasn't a problem at all! Additionally, they had a lot of activities organized for lunch, nights or weekends. Peruwayna taught us Spanish in such a fun way and we enjoyed our time in Lima heaps!

Senait, United States

Peruwayna is the most amazing language school I have attended. I have been to Spanish, French and German schools in a variety of places around the world. Peruwayna has great teachers, a perfect location, an online guide for both tourists and locals that is better than any guidebook I have seen. Peruwayna faculty and administrators are extremely responsive and helpful not only in matters regarding Spanish but also very active and making your stay in Lima very full and enjoyable. Because of Peruwayna, I stayed an extra 3 months+ in Lima.  I was able to explore many parts of Peru and even met friends in Colombia. I plan on returning for further schooling.

Marissa, United Kingdom

I had a fantastic time studying at Peruwayna – definitely one of my highlights of my stay in Lima! The teachers are very professional, well qualified and trained in modern language acquisition techniques as well as being very caring, friendly and encouraging.   I loved studying at Peruwayna, my teacher gave me the confidence and technical ability to be able to communicate in Spanish which really opened up a whole new world for me



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