• All our teachers come from top universities in Peru and are specialized in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language 

  • They have completed 1 to 3 graduate international degrees in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

  • The vast majority of our teachers are Certified Official Examiners for the DELE International test and hold official Diplomas from the prestigious Instituto Cervantes (levels A,B, and C).

Specialized Spanish Professors

Official SIELE Examination Center
Learn Spanish and get certified all at the same place

Our Spanish School proudly has become part of the official examination centers to obtain the prestigious SIELE international diploma, the sister, and more modern test of the classic DELE test.

Small, Personalized Classes
Maximum of 5 students per class

Often, however, there are only 2 to 4 students per class, which maximizing the interaction during class time and facilitates a deeper, more personalized, and more efficient language learning experience.

Learn Spanish in Lima

Discover the vibrant capital of Peru

Masters in Spanish Teaching
Official professional practice center in Lima 

International Program
complemented with Latin American Spanish

All our courses employ syllabi that meet the International Standards given by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and focus on Latin-American Spanish.

Best Location in Town
We are located right in the heart of Miraflores

We are conveniently located right on Avenida Larco in the heart of Miraflores, the safest neighborhood in Lima and the closest point to restaurants, banks, accommodations, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Stay with a Local Family
located 15-35 min walking distance to school

Better than staying at a hotel, make the most of your time sharing day-to-day life with a local Peruvian family and put your Spanish to work outside the classroom. 

Senait - United States of America

"Peruwayna is the most amazing language school I have attended. I have been to Spanish, French, and German schools in a variety of places around the world. Peruwayna has great teachers, a perfect location."

Peter - New Zealand
"I had a really enjoyable time at Peruwayna. Teachers used a range of different techniques, many their own, which really helped me learn. The school, located on Larco and well-priced, makes for a great package."

Marisa - United Kingdom
"Teachers are very professional, well qualified, and trained in modern language acquisition techniques as well as being very caring, friendly, and encouraging."

Joseph - United States of America 
"I spent about 3 months taking Spanish classes at Peruwayna. They are very flexible, and it was no problem taking nonconsecutive weeks off to travel. They had lots of classes at different levels."

David - Australia
"Peruwayna was an amazing Spanish school! Right from the moment I walked through the door, they were very friendly, helpful, and professional about helping me."

Andra - United States of America
"Learning Spanish at Peruwayna was the best decision I made during my time in Peru. The whole staff was extremely friendly and professional. The Spanish classes were fun and very effective."




         continuation program

After leaving school, students can keep learning Spanish anywhere they happen to be by using our Online Program. We offer online classes 24/7 and have an innovative online campus with hundreds of study and practice materials.

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