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School Activities

Free activities:

Salsa dancing classes, city tours, 
karaoke nights, and more

Optional low cost activities:
Excursions, cooking classes, dancing shows, and more

Activities all week:
We arrange 3-5 activities per week
to make the most of your time

Our cooking classes are our most famous and popular school activity. The reason?

We are the only language school that offers Peruvian cooking classes where students cook a full meal by themselves with only the chef's instructions (as opposed to just helping the chef cook the meal). 
Depending on the number attending, students are divided into small groups of 3-4 people and are provided with a small cooking station that includes a stove top, blender, mixer, and all necessary utensils.


The school is proud to hire a trained chef to lead each class and supervise all logistics. However, meal ingredient costs are covered by students, normally about 39 Peruvian Soles/person. On the menu will be a main dish, an appetizer or dessert, and at least one traditional Peruvian cocktail).

Cooking classes

City tours

Our school organizes regular guided visits and tours after school (normally at 6pm) to several landmarks, attractions, historic sites, and neighborhoods.

Afterward, those who would like can join us to share dinner at a traditional Peruvian restaurant near the area to be visited. Our tours frequently visit:

  • The Plaza Mayor of Lima

  • The San Francisco Catacombs

  • The San Martin Plaza

  • The Reserve Park

  • The Magical Water Circuit Park

  • The Convent of Santo Domingo

  • Barranco & the Bridge of Sighs

We arrange several fun and entertaining excursions during weekends so students can make the most of their time studying Spanish in Lima and Peru, 

Tours and visits are arranged through experienced partner tour agencies that offer exclusive discounted rates to our school (students can save up to 40-60% versus doing the same trip on their own). 


Full day excursions are frequently arranged to:


  • The Paracas Peninsula and the Islas Ballestas Nature Reserve

  • The Lunahuana Valley for river rafting, horse riding, a visit to a winery, and more

  • The Dunes of Huacachina-Ica for sandboarding and dune buggies

Weekend excursions

Peruvian culture

In order to show our students more about our culture, traditions, dances, and more, we happily arrange several fun and entertaining Peruvian cultural activities, some examples are:


  • Peruvian traditional dancing shows at the Grand National Theater (such as the very popular "Retablo" show held a few times each year)

  • The National Museum of Peru

  • The Larco Museum of Peruvian archeology

  • The Museum of Modern Art of Lima (MALI)

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Lima 

  • The Pedro de Osma Museum in Barranco

  • Theater performances at Larcomar or the Municipal Theater of Lima

In order to maximize the use of your Spanish outside the classroom and to keep our students highly motivated, our School organizes one or more of the following FREE activities every week:

  • Salsa dance classes (90 minutes per class) taught by a national salsa champion

  • Spanish film projection night 

  • Karaoke nights

  • Weekend soccer/football matches

  • Volunteering activities

PLEASE NOTE: We welcome any of our students' friends and family who are in town to participate in both our free activities and our low-cost activities (paying the same rate that our students would normally pay).

Other free activities 

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