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Survival Spanish
Small Group Classes   /  One Week Program / 20 Hours Total

Program description

This is a program created for rapidly learning survival Spanish in order to travel or live briefly in Peru or any other Spanish-speaking country. At the end of the course, students will be able to cope with basic everyday situations, ask and answer basic questions, and chat with the locals. 


A few examples of the typical questions and expressions students learn during this one week program are:


  • Where are you from?

  • How much are these ______?

  • How can I get to the cathedral?

  • Is the bus station near here?

  • I am looking for a bank, please.

  • Can you please give a discount?


This course includes:

  • Study and class materials.

  • Complimentary access to our new Online Campus

  • Placement evaluation (includes an online written test + an oral test before your arrival to School)

  • Attendance Certificate (printed + digital)

  • Peruwayna discounts card to local businesses

Skills focus for this program

Recommended for:

  • Students or groups of friends who want to quickly learn Spanish and its basic concepts, specially if they have very limited skills in Spanish and are looking to improve their travels by first learning Spanish in Lima.

  • Learning everyday, basic vocabulary, common everyday phrases to shop, walk around, travel, buy food, make reservations, etc.

  • Those with only one week of available time to learn Spanish.



Reading comprehension

Listening comprehension

Oral expression

Writing expression

Communicative and interaction skills


Important notes:

  • This program is not suggested for students with previous experience in Spanish, as this program has been designed for people with none to very limited knowledge.

  • This course provides a different program than that offered in our Intensive Immersion Program, which you may wish to consider if you are looking to go deeper into the Spanish language.


Program schedule and syllabus: 


Pronunciation, meeting people, shopping

  • Introducing ourselves, greetings, asking/answering basic questions.

  • Countries, nationalities, and talking about where we come from

  • Talking about our work, occupations , and/or what we do for a living.

  • The alphabet, its pronunciation, and the sounds of Spanish

  • Learning numbers and using them to shop, pay, and go to the bank.

  • Travel situation roleplay: SHOPPING 


Eating, drinking, likes, dislikes, hobbies

  • Discussing one's own and other's preferences, likes, and dislikes

  • Discussing sports, activities, and hobbies

  • Learning useful vocabulary related to eating, food, and drinks

  • Learning about traditional foods from Peru and other countries

  • Learning restaurant commands and ordering food.

  • Travel situation roleplay: AT THE RESTAURANT


Describing things, people and emotions

  • Using the verbs ''Ser'' and ''Estar'' to describe things and people

  • Learning how to use the verb ''Tener'' and its idiomatic expressions

  • Describing physical states and emotions in Spanish 

  • Describing the human body and the use of possessive pronouns

  • Learning how to express and describe physical pain

  • Travel situation roleplay:  GOING TO THE DOCTOR


Travelling and getting around the city

  • Providing and following instructions and directions to get around

  • Talking about the locations of places, things and people

  • Needing, asking for, and finding places and things

  • Learning how to use the verb ''Haber''

  • Using the prepositions of place to locate things, people and places

  • Travel situation roleplay: BUYING TICKETS AND TAKING A BUS, TAXI, OR FLIGHT


Making reservations, travelling and socializing

  • Socializing in Spanish and meeting other people

  • The future tense: talking about the future and making travel plans

  • Travel in Peru and Latin America

  • Travel situation roleplay: MAKING A HOTEL RESERVATION

  • OPTIONAL CLASS TOPIC: upon group request and unanimous group decision (otherwise this time will be used for general review and consolidation)


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