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Closed Group Program
for couples or small groups of friends

Program description

If you are traveling with your friends and you are looking for a fun and effective way to learn Spanish, our closed group program is the perfect solution. Our closed groups will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, without the pressure of a larger group, plus, you'll be able to pay a reduced rate and bond with your friends as you explore the language together. Our skilled teachers will tailor the classes to your group's needs, making sure that everyone is engaged and enjoying the learning process.

  • A great choice for couples, families, or groups of friends who want to be together in the same class.

  • Students are allowed to create their own class schedule 
    (previous coordination with our academic department is necessary. Available schedules d
    epends on the frequency and duration of your class. For more exact information, please view our schedules simulator (
    Click here).

  • More flexible content: The learning program is customized depending on the group's special needs and objectives.

  • Students in a closed group must be at the same Spanish level and share the same educational goals as the other students.

  • You and your friends will have the flexibility of a private class (in terms of schedules and customized contents) but you will also be able to pay a more affordable rate, similar to the one we offer for our small group classes.

Please note

  • At least 2 students are required to start a closed group (the maximum group size is 5 people)

  • All students must have the same Spanish level and similar interests / needs. Otherwise, you might consider signing up for our small group classes or private lessons.

  • In order to confirm that you and your friends have a compatible profile to set up a closed group we must first conduct a short oral interview ahead of your arrival (typically via zoom).

This course includes

  • Study and class materials.

  • Complimentary access to our new Online Campus

  • Placement evaluation (includes an online written test + an oral test before your arrival to School)

  • Attendance Certificate (printed + digital)

  • Peruwayna discounts card to local businesses

Anchor 1

Schedule options

Everyday attendance programs (Monday to Friday)

Semi Intensive

private classes


2 hours per day =
10 hours per week

Classes every weekday

from Monday to Friday



  • 1st choice: 9am to 11am

  • 2nd choice: 11am to 1pm

  • 3rd choice: 2pm to 4pm

  • 4th choice: 4pm to 6pm


private classes


4 hours per day =
20 hours per week

Classes every weekday

from Monday to Friday



  • 1st choice: 9am to 1pm 

  • 2nd choice: 2pm to 6pm



Build your 

own schedule

Will depend on the frequency and duration of your desired classes. For more information, please view our schedules simulator (
Click here).

Estimated level achievement & progress :


Students enrolled on our Closed Groups can estimate their progress at the following rate:





Move your mouse on top of each level to read more about what skills you'll obtain for each of them.

​*Superior and Proficiency levels are only available with private classes.


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