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Custom Made Program
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Program description

In the diverse landscape of healthcare, the ability to effectively communicate with patients is invaluable. Our specialized Spanish for Healthcare Professionals program is designed to enhance the Spanish language skills of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, focusing primarily on medical contexts.


Program Highlights

  • Tailored for Medical Professionals: This program is specifically crafted to support medical professionals in using Spanish for medical purposes. It's not about training you as a medical professional, but rather about enhancing your existing expertise with effective Spanish language skills.

  • Practical and Contextual Learning: Central to our curriculum are practical cases that simulate real-life medical scenarios. This approach allows you to learn and apply medical Spanish vocabulary in a relevant and organic way.

  • Interactive Simulations: To reinforce learning, the program includes interactive simulations. These role-play exercises between you and your instructors mimic doctor-patient interactions, preparing you for real-life conversations with Spanish-speaking patients.

  • Cultural Competence: An essential part of the program is understanding the cultural context. You'll gain insights into the Hispanic culture and how it intersects with healthcare, helping you to provide more empathetic and effective care.


Your Takeaway

Upon completion, you'll be better equipped to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients, understanding not only their language but also their cultural background. This will enhance your ability to provide high-quality care and improve patient satisfaction in Spanish speaking groups.

Recommended for


  • Medical, nursing, or therapy professionals looking to effectively communicate and work with Spanish speaking patients.

  • Professionals or students wanting to pursue a medical course of study at a university or academic program in Latin America or Spain.

  • Professionals and students wanting to become familiar with a medical vocabulary.

  • Medical professionals moving abroad or relocating to a Spanish speaking country.

This program includes

  • Study and class materials.

  • Complimentary access to our new Online Campus

  • Placement evaluation (includes an online written test + an oral test before your arrival to School)

  • Attendance Certificate (printed + digital)

Frequently asked questions:


  • I'm a beginner student. Can I sign up for this program?
    Please be aware that a minimum intermediate level of Spanish is required for this program, as it involves understanding and responding to basic questions, along with a foundational grasp of grammar and vocabulary. If you're not at this level yet, we offer private Spanish classes to help you develop these essential skills.

  • Does this program offer medical shadowing opportunities?
    Our program doesn't offer medical shadowing or internships, as they need authorization and organization through accredited bodies like universities or medical centers. For shadowing in Peru, contact the international departments of universities like Cayetano Heredia for more specific advice and opportunities.

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Schedule options

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Semi Intensive

private classes


2 hours per day = 10 hours per week

Every weekday from Monday to Friday



  • 1st choice: 9am to 11am

  • 2nd choice: 11am to 1pm

  • 3rd choice: 2pm to 4pm

  • 4th choice: 4pm to 6pm



For example:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4pm to 6pm. 
To inquiry about your specific schedule request, please
reach out to us, as spaces and availability is subject to space. 

Build your 

own schedule


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