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STARTING: Any day*/all year round

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  • Pre-intermediate (A2)

  • Intermediate (B1)

  • Advanced (B2)

  • Superior (C1)


  • Minimum level required:
    Pre-intermediate (otherwise you can enroll to our general Spanish program with
    private classes)

  • Pre-arrival online test and placement evaluation with our faculty upon arrival.



Depends on the frequency and duration of your class. For more exact information, please view our schedules simulator (Click here)

Private classes
Spanish for healthcare professionals

Our Spanish for healthcare professionals program has been thoughtfully planned in order to provide our students with contextualized readings, audios, videos, and exercises that cover a broad variety of subjects related to the medical fields.


Recommended for:


  • Medical, nursing, or therapy professionals looking to effectively communicate and work with Spanish speaking patients.

  • Professionals or students wanting to pursue a medical course of study at a university or academic program in Latin America or Spain.

  • Professionals and students wanting to become familiar with a medical vocabulary.

  • Medical professionals moving abroad or relocating to a Spanish speaking country.


This course includes:

  • Study materials (booklets + access to our new Online Campus)

  • Placement evaluation with our faculty upon arrival

  • Attendance Certificate

  • Peruwayna discount card for local businesses


We have


to deliver a safe experience

Our Spanish School in Lima proudly complies with international safety and biosecurity protocols in order to deliver a safe travel experience to anyone looking for Spanish Immersion Programs in Latin America and Peru.