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Custom Made Program
Spanish for Business

Program description

No matter what industry you're in, being able to communicate in Spanish can give you a serious edge in the business world. Our Spanish for business program offers private classes that are customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you're looking to improve your conversational skills or become proficient in Spanish business terms, our Spanish for business program can help you take your career to the next level and be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking clients and colleagues

  • Expand your business opportunities by tapping into new markets

  • Increase your earning potential by becoming bilingual

This program will provide you with contextualized readings, audios, videos, and exercises that cover a broad variety of subjects related to business, economics, such as human resources, business development, labor law and much more.

Frequently asked questions:


  • I'm a beginner student. Can I sign up for this program?

    If you're thinking about signing up for our Spanish for business program, you'll need to have a minimum pre-intermediate level of Spanish. This is because in order to get the most out of the program, you'll need to be able to understand and respond to simple questions in Spanish, as well as have a basic foundation of grammar and vocabulary.

    However, don't worry if you're not quite at that level yet - we offer private Spanish classes that can help you build the basic skills you need. Once you've got a handle on the basics, you can sign up for our Spanish program for business professionals and start learning the specialized vocabulary and grammar structures you need for working in a business setting. 

Recommended for


  • People looking for business or work opportunities in Spanish speaking countries.

  • Professionals or students wanting to enroll in a business related course of study at a university or an academic program in Latin America or Spain.

  • Professionals and students wanting to build a business vocabulary.

  • People moving abroad or relocating to a Spanish speaking country.

This program includes

  • Study and class materials.

  • Complimentary access to our new Online Campus

  • Placement evaluation (includes an online written test + an oral test before your arrival to School)

  • Attendance Certificate (printed + digital)

  • Peruwayna discounts card to local businesses

Skills focus for this program




Reading comprehension

Listening comprehension

Oral expression

Writing expression

Communicative and interaction skills

Program contents for each level:

A2 PRE INTERMEDIATE / Duration: 40 hours

  1. Introduction to Business: Companies, staff roles, job descriptions.

  2. The office: The organization chart, business departments, responsibilities

  3. Finding a job: Getting your résumé ready, the job interview, interview skills

  4. Business marketing and advertising

  5. Doing business today: Business strategies, sales, and fair trade

  6. Let's talk about money: Banking, stock market, and investing

  7. Managing your time: Business trips, conferences and seminars, appointments

B1 INTERMEDIATE / Duration: 50 hours

  1. Responsible businesses: World economy, good economic practices

  2. Sustainable development: Clean energies, environmental policies

  3. International business: Subsidiaries, international markets, investing abroad

  4. Business & globalization: Doing business in a more connected world

  5. Leadership: Leading a company, coaching and motivating people

  6. Conquering the market: Consumers, price strategies, and leader brands

  7. Investment opportunities and creating a business

B2 ADVANCED / Duration: 50 hours

  1. Creating a business

  2. Human resources and starting a new job

  3. Consumers and products

  4. The importance of communication in business

  5. Business strategies

  6. International commerce & trade

  7. Challenges of modern business and conflicts management

C1 SUPERIOR / Duration: 50 hours

  1. Teamwork, meetings, business negotiations, and project management

  2. Global economy and working abroad

  3. Imports, exports, and international trade agreements

  4. Business opportunities, creating a business plan, and starting a business

  5. Managing business finances and accounting

  6. The production and manufacturing process

Schedule options

Everyday attendance programs (Monday to Friday)

Semi Intensive

private classes


2 hours per day =
10 hours per week

Classes every weekday

from Monday to Friday



  • 1st choice: 9am to 11am

  • 2nd choice: 11am to 1pm

  • 3rd choice: 2pm to 4pm

  • 4th choice: 4pm to 6pm


private classes


4 hours per day =
20 hours per week

Classes every weekday

from Monday to Friday



  • 1st choice: 9am to 1pm 

  • 2nd choice: 2pm to 6pm



Will depend on the frequency and duration of your desired classes. For more information, please view our schedules simulator (
Click here).

Build your 

own schedule


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