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Shared apartments

You will be renting a room from a local Peruvian, who will usually also live in the same
apartment. Rather than a family, shared apartments are generally owned by young
Peruvian professionals who very much enjoy having cross-cultural experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a laundry facility inside my shared apartment?

Unfortunately, since weather in Lima is very humid, most people do not wash their clothes at home as it takes several days to dry off (sometimes, up to 4 days). Also, since apartments and houses in Miraflores and surrounding areas are smaller, not every place has enough space where to hang clothes. For these reasons, most people choose instead to use laundries where they can get their clothes clean in just a couple hours for cheap (normally a regular size load will cost you around $3-$7 including washing, drying, and folding your clothes for you).
Your landlord will point out to you one or more laundries near your house where you can take your clothes to wash cheaply and quickly. You can also find several laundries in our travel guide you can download by clicking here

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Please note: Because we have a limited number or teachers and classrooms, some schedules may be subject to
availability based on your desired classes frequency and duration. However, if you can't find your ideal schedule,
please feel free to contact us anytime and we will happily reach out to you in order to work on alternative solutions.
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