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Understanding Lima

Quick info about Peru

  • Currency: Peruvian Soles (s/.) or (PEN). 

  • Languages: Spanish 84% (Official), Quechua 13%, Aymara 1.7%

  • Visas: Citizens of the U.S. and most other Western countries don’t require a tourist visa. The maximum period of stay granted is 183 days (you will need to explicitly ask the customs officer for more than 90 days, which is otherwise the default period of stay). 

  • ATMs: Widely available in big cities and towns. ATMs will allow you to withdraw either Soles or US$. Please note that most ATMs limit withdrawals to about 700 Soles per day (or the equivalent in US$). If you need larger amounts of money, tell your bank in
    advance so they can raise your limit. 

  • Credit & debit cards: Accepted at many businesses. Note: VISA is more popular in Peru than Mastercard, and very few places accept other cards such as American Express.

Understanding Lima

Weather in Lima

Mild temperatures

It is neither cold nor very hot. Temperatures rarely fall below 14 °C (57 °F) or rise above 29 °C (84 °F) throughout the entire year​.

High humidity

Lima's yearly humidity average is 83%, especially for Districts located next to the sea such as Miraflores, Barranco, and Callao.

Low rainfall

While relative humidity is high, rainfall is very low due to strong atmospheric stability. Only 0.5 inches of rainfall fall on Lima during the entire year .

Costs of Living


PEN 0.3


PEN 0.3

SIM card

PEN 15




PEN 8-12


PEN 1.5


PEN 0.8




PEN 5-15

Movie tkt 

PEN 15


PEN 2.5




Your estimated daily budget

  • Shared dorm bed = PEN 30-25

  • Budget lunch = PEN 8

  • Budget dinner = PEN 10-20

  • Museum tickets = PEN 7

  • Transportation = PEN 5

  • Airbnb = PEN 55-90

  • Set menu lunch = PEN 10-15

  • Restaurant dinner = PEN 20-45

  • Museum tickets = PEN 7

  • Transportation = PEN 5-20

  • Hotel room with breakfast = PEN 200+

  • Restaurant lunch = PEN 20+

  • Fancy dinner = PEN 70+

  • Private city tour = PEN 150+

High end
PEN 300+ ($90+)

On a budget
PEN 60-70 (about $22)

PEN 90-150 ($25-$45)

Must see

  1. The Historic center & Plaza Mayor

  2. San Francisco church & catacombs 

  3. Plaza San Martin & Hotel Bolivar

  4. Larco Museum (Pueblo Libre district)

  5. Miraflores area & Malecón de Miraflores

  6. Barranco area & Puente de los Suspiros

  7. Museo Pedro de Osma (Barranco)

  8. Church & convent of Santo Domingo

  9. Cerro San Cristóbal (during summer)

  10. The Lima Museum of Art - MALI

  11. The Magical circuit of water

  12. The Park of the Exposition

  13. The Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores

  14. The National Museum

  15. The Metropolitan Museum of Lima

Must do

  1. Run through the Malecón of Miraflores

  2. Attend a show at the National Theater

  3. Take a surfing lesson 

  4. Take a paragliding flight over Miraflores

  5. Visit a local beach in Barranco/Chorrillos

  6. Bike down Arequipa Avenue toward Old Lima (this avenue is closed to cars on Sundays for sport activities)

  7. Salsa night in a local salsa club

  8. Eat exotic Peruvian fruits at ''Mercado de Surquillo'' close to Miraflores

  9. Attend a dancing show at ''La Candelaria''

  10. Travel to the Huacachina sand dunes on a weekend and sandboard

Must eat/drink

  1. Ceviche and Tiradito at 'Punto Azul' restaurant

  2. Piqueo Panchita at 'Panchita' restaurant

  3. Tacu Lomo at 'Tanta' restaurant

  4. Anticuchos at 'Grimanesa' restaurant

  5. Pollo a la brasa at 'Pardos Chicken'

  6. Pavo a la leña/papas andinas at 'La Lucha'

  7. Pan con chicharrón at 'Paulina'

  8. Pisco Sour at 'Gran Hotel Bolivar'

  9. Ayahuasca Sour at 'Ayahuasca Bar'

  10. Picarones at 'Tio Mario' in Barranco

  11. Peruvian fusion sushi at 'EDO' in Miraflores

  12. Street food at Parque Kennedy

  13. Inca Kola (soda) and chicha morada

  14. Fine dining at 'Astrid Gaston' or 'Central' (very worthwhile splurges!)

Getting around by Metropolitano bus

By taxi

Street taxi from Miraflores to...

  • Historic Downtown: 12-14 soles 

  • Barranco Area: 6-8 soles

  • Larco Museum: 12-15 soles

  • Grand National Theatre / National Museum : 10-12 soles

  • San Isidro area:  10-12 soles

  • Magic Circuit of water / MALI Museum: 9-12 soles

  • Cruz del Sur terminal: 8-10 soles

Uber (app) from Miraflores to...

  • Historic Downtown: 16-20 soles 

  • Barranco Area: 7-8 soles

  • Larco Museum: 15-20 soles

  • Grand National Theatre / National Museum : 11-15 soles

  • San Isidro area:  8-11 soles

  • Magic Circuit of water / MALI Museum: 13-16 soles

  • Cruz del Sur terminal: 11-14 soles

  • Airport: 50 soles

Taxi Satelital from Miraflores to...

  • Historic Downtown: 18 soles 

  • Barranco Area: 12 soles

  • Larco Museum: 20 soles

  • Grand National Theatre / National Museum : 17 soles

  • San Isidro area:  14 soles

  • Magic Circuit of water / MALI Museum: 16 soles

  • Cruz del Sur terminal: 16 soles

  • Airport: 50 soles

Official holidays

  • New Year's Day: January 1

  • Holy Thursday & Good Friday: April 1 & 2

  • International Workers’ Day: May 1

  • St. Peter & St. Paul’s Day: June 29 

  • Independence Day: July 28 & 29

  • Santa Rosa of Lima: August 30

  • Battle of Angamos: October 8

  • All Saints Day: November 1

  • Immaculate Conception: December 8

  • Christmas Day: December 25 

PLEASE NOTE: Since we understand that many Students have limited time to have the most classes possible during their time in Lima, we make an effort to open during most official holidays. Our registration form has been programmed to automatically show notifications for those days we are closed and offer additional flexible options such as:

1) Make up for missed classes by having extra private or group classes during that or next week, or

2) Paying a prorated price during weeks shortened by one or more official holidays when we are in fact closed (Specially for group classes where prices are week based)

You can know more about the days we are closed by completing our registration form or by sending a message to contact@peruwayna.com