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1 day
class program

Any day / all year round
Subject to availability and space.


  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Upper-Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Superior

  • Proficiency

DURATION & PRICE: Two choices:

  • 1 day program for 4 hours
    (9am to 1pm OR 2pm to 6pm)
    = 168 Peruvian soles

  • 1 day program for 6 hours
    (9am to 1pm AND 2pm to 4pm)
    = 252 Peruvian soles

You may take our Pre-arrival online test before arriving to school (this is in order to know more about your Spanish skills before your arrival). If you don’t have enough time to complete it, don’t worry about a thing, since we will carry out a placement interview (for free) before your first class. This will help us know more about your skills, areas of improvement, and learning objectives, which will help us offer you more personalized instruction.

Private classes
One day class program

In Lima for only one day?

We are happy to introduce our new 1 day class program. This is the
perfect choice for students and tourists who have only a single day to make as much progress as possible before continuing their trip.

You may choose to have your class in our school in Miraflores, or take it outside in the living classroom that is Lima (at the fruit market, at the restaurant, at the museum, etc), in order to turn in into a Cultural Immersion Class.

This is an ideal Spanish program choice if you want to:

  • Attend a full day of tailor-made Spanish classes with a
    specialized teacher who will get straight to the point
    and clearly explain grammar, vocabulary, and usage.

  • Detect potential areas of improvement to increase your self-
    confidence when talking/writing.

  • Brush up rusty grammar and vocabulary from previous Spanish

  • If you are a beginning student, this program will help you get
    basic oral skills that will help you communicate in daily situations
    during your trip to South America such as: introducing
    yourself, talking about yourself, shopping, getting around, etc.

This course includes:

  • Study materials (Booklets + photocopies )

  • Placement evaluation with our faculty upon arrival

  • Attendance Certificate

  • Peruwayna discounts card to local businesses

Please note:

Our one day program is also available for small groups of 2 or more students; however please contact us to request a price quote depending on the number of students.


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