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STARTING: Any day*/ all year round
(*Subject to availability & space)


  • Kids = 5 to 11 years old
  • Teenagers = 12 to 15 years old

Depends on the frequency and
duration of desired classes. For more
exact information, please view our
schedules simulator (Click here).


  • Basic
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Superior


  • Study materials
    (Booklets + photocopies )
  • Placement evaluation with our
    faculty upon arrival
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Peruwayna discounts card to local

Placement evaluation with our faculty
upon arrival.

Private classes

Spanish for children & teenagers

Children are naturally efficient language learners with a great capacity to
learn a second language. At Peruwayna we have carefully prepared a
program to enhance the learning process through music, visual aids,
games, practical conversation, and a variety of in-class presentations that
offer a relaxed and fun learning environment.

Children 5-11 years old:

  • We use a communicative methodology that is both simple and fun.
  • This course will allow children to learn the basics of Spanish in a
    progressive and playful way: they talk with their teachers, draw, sing,
    act, listen to audio recordings and interact with peers.
  • The course puts into practice grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary
    through dynamic activities. In addition, grammar is presented in a
    visual way for students to learn through entertainment.
  • To get more out of this course, it is recommended that students have
    certain writing and reading skills.

Teenagers 12-15 years old:

  • We use a communicative methodology that pays special attention
    to skills and strategies.
  • This course promotes an active learning environment
    through current, fun, and attractive audios, videos, and
    readings appropriate for young people.
  • This course consists of 5 projects, which are conducted through
    communicative interaction and reflection on grammar activities. In
    order to carry out these projects, students make use of integrated
    skills and contents learned in each unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Why is our Spanish for children and teenagers more expensive than our regular program for adults? (Check prices here)

While we take great pains to customize all of our classes to the unique needs of every student, we find that children’s classes tend to require significantly more teacher prep time and specialization.
This normally involves more supplemental teaching materials, individualized courses of study, and requires special training and aptitude among our teachers. Unfortunately, this translates into slightly higher
costs in order to maintain our high teaching quality.

Private classes: Schedule simulator







Please note: Because we have a limited number or teachers and classrooms, some schedules may be subject to
availability based on your desired classes frequency and duration. However, if you can't find your ideal schedule,
please feel free to contact us anytime and we will happily reach out to you in order to work on alternative solutions.
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