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Private apartments

Students looking to have their own space and privacy during their stay in Lima can arrange an
apartment rental with partner Lima Stays. They have some of the lowest prices for short time
rental in Miraflores. If you are a current student or have registered at Peruwayna you can refer our
school name to get a special discount.

Nothing available with our partner?

Short term, furnished apartments in Miraflores are in high demand all year long. Therefore, we recommend making a reservation as far in advance as possible. If you can’t find availability with our partner, we strongly suggest taking a look of what’s available at Airbnb (Airbnb is the largest website in the world for people to list, find, and rent both private or shared apartments)

Looking for a longer term contract?

If you are looking to rent a place for longer than a year, we recommend that you visit, which is the most popular website in Peru for people to list and rent furnished and non furnished apartments for longer periods of time (normally 1-2 year contract).
Please note that most of these apartments are unfurnished or have only kitchen appliances.

Private classes: Schedule simulator







Please note: Because we have a limited number or teachers and classrooms, some schedules may be subject to
availability based on your desired classes frequency and duration. However, if you can't find your ideal schedule,
please feel free to contact us anytime and we will happily reach out to you in order to work on alternative solutions.
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